About MyChart

Your MyChart patient account includes:

  • One medical record for all your care at Cass Health
  • 24/7 account access
  • Access to view your test results and visit notes
  • The ability to request an appointment
  • An overview of upcoming appointments
  • And more!

MyChart and the Epic Electronic Health Record System are hosted through University of Iowa Healthcare. Should you visit another University of Iowa healthcare provider, all of your information will be available in one place.

Paperless Billing Statements

Effective January 30, 2024 — If you use MyChart, you’ll now automatically receive your bill digitally through your MyChart account instead of receiving a copy in the mail. You can also pay your bill in MyChart, too.

If you prefer to receive a paper statement in the mail, you can opt out of paperless statements. Log into your account to change the settings or ask our staff for assistance.

Two-Factor Authentication

Using the most advanced security to protect your private health information is important to us. Beginning January 23, 2024, your MyChart account will require two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication helps to keep your account secure if someone learns your password.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a security measure that uses two steps to verify your identity. These steps typically include the use of your password as well as a code that is sent to you by email or text message.

How often will I need a new code to log in to MyChart?

You will need a new login code at least every 90 days for each device you use to log in to MyChart.

Can I turn two-factor authentication off?

Yes. Follow the steps below to turn two-factor authentication off or on. We recommend keeping it on for better security.

When logging on from a web browser:

  • Log in to your MyChart account.
  • From the home page, select Your Menu.
  • Scroll to Security Settings.
  • On the Security Settings page, click the Turn on two-step verification button.
  • Follow the steps to turn on or off two-factor authentication.

When logging on from the MyChart app:

  • Log in to your mobile app.
  • From the home page, select Menu.
  • Scroll to Account Settings.
  • On the Account Settings page, tap Two-Step Verification.
  • Follow the steps to turn on or off two-factor authentication.

What happens if I don’t receive my code via phone or email?

If you do not receive your code right away, please be patient. It may take up to 15 minutes.

  • If you’ve requested your code by email and do not receive it within 15 minutes, be sure to check your spam folder or consider requesting your code by text message.
  • If you’ve requested your code by text and do not receive it within 15 minutes, consider requesting your code by email.

Who should I call if I have questions or problems using two-factor authentication?

If you have questions or issues with two-factor authentication, please call 712-250-8235.

A Note about Test Results in MyChart

You may see test results in MyChart before your provider.

We believe that sharing information builds trust and stronger relationships. Most test results are published immediately in MyChart, which means you may see results even before your provider.

  • Some results may be difficult to understand without explanation. It’s often best to discuss these together.
  • We look at every result and will contact you with any results that concern us.
  • If we have a critical concern, we will always follow up with you right away.
  • If you have an urgent concern, we encourage you to reach out to us.